Hi guys! Hope you guys started 2018 in a good way! I sure did with the first hangover on January 1st (classic) and a lot of family and food. This Saturday is my 24th birthday and I’m throwing a huge coffee & cake party in the afternoon. Looking forward to celebrate with my friends. And this Sunday I even have a late Christmas party planned… more about that later!

Even though the first week of 2018 is almost over, my thoughts are still in 2017… between Christmas and New Year, I went to Paris with my boyfriend. This trip was my gift for his birthday earlier in August. I always love going to Paris and this time was no different… Highlight of our trip? Buying a new designer bag!! Probably my highlight for the whole year haha!

One year ago I bought my first designer bag, my Chanel boy bag, also in Paris. One year later, I’m buying my second one. I hesitated for a long time what designer I should go for… Gucci or YSL were my main options. I visited their sites daily to check all their bags but didn’t got any wiser so I decided to go to the stores in Paris and choose there!

After a lot of fittings and thinking I bought the Marmont black velvet mini bag from Gucci on our second day! When I tried this one in the store, I was obsessed with it! I felt the exact feelings and emotions you should have when you buy a bag like this. This was the one! Velvet is a delicate choice because it is difficult to keep clean over the years. But because I already have my boy bag in calfsleather, I am a very caring person for my bags and I just loved the velvet one sooooo much more, I decided to go for it! Hope you love it as much as I do.

When returing to our hotel (Mama Shelter) there was one more bag I couldn’t get out of my head… Last day? Back to Rue Saint-HonorĂ©! And that’s when I bought the Monogram burgundy chain wallet from YSL. Very happy I chose a color here, otherwise I would have 3 black cross body bags. This burgundy color is the perfect choice to add a classy touch to my minimal outfits. Happy as a hippo!!

My 2017 ended in the best way! Thomas and I had a special experience at the Louis Vuitton and Supreme stores in Paris, I’ll tell you everything in a next blogpost. Hope you had fun reading! It was a pleasure to write again. See you soon!


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