Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th birthday, the perfect occasion to visit my favorite theme park together with my fellow bloggers and an amazing photographer! We travelled by train (TGV) so we arrived in no time right in front of this magical place. A quick check-in in our beautiful hotel New Port Bay Club and we were all set for take off!

For some of us, it was the first Disneyland Paris experience. I was here 3 months ago but I only went to the Disney park then, this time we also did the Walt Disney Studios. There is one attraction in here why you should definitely go to the studios… The Tower of Terror! I’m not going to spoil for the people who haven’t been here, but the people who did will understand why this is my favorite ride of all time… The Ratatouille adventure, Aerosmith roller coaster and the Crush’s Coaster are my other favorite rides at the studios.

5 to do’s at Disneyland Paris:

Meet Mickey Mouse, because you can’t go to Disneyland Paris without meeting Mickey.

Go on the Hyperspace Mountain (multiple times if necessary), because it gives you an adrenaline rush you don’t want to miss.

Watch the Disney Stars on Parade, because this is where all the Disney characters come to life and probably the best moment of your day.

Go on the Big Thunder Mountain, because this is where you experience the surprise effect and you have a beautiful view over the park.

Have dinner at Walt’s, because it’s the most delicious end of your day.

If you’re planning on staying the night, New Port Bay Club is one of the amazing Disney hotels in the Disney Village. Mickey greets everyone in person in the morning, you can enjoy a giant breakfast buffet (huuuge!), it is only a 15 minute walk through the Disney Village to the parks or you can take a shuttle bus right in front of the hotel and there’s a pool, sauna and fitness at your disposal!

I enjoyed our Disney trip A LOT! Thanks to the great team, can’t wait to go back!

Pictures by Irmy Coeckelbergs


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