Madrid is one of the most surprising instax cities for me. After four days in Madrid I’ve set up a checklist for you with the best food spots and the coolest sights. I couldn’t wish for a better guide than my friend who’s living in Madrid for seven months now… thanks Ems! Let’s go!


Most important is the Retiro Park, you can visit it for a whole day basically. There are so many beautiful spots & activities. My favorite one? The Retiro Park Lake, you can hire a rowing boat for 45 minutes. A popular spot for the city’s residents but for tourists too! Another pearl of the Retiro Park is the Crystal Palace, a beautiful architecture in the centre of the park (perfect spot to take pictures!).


I can tell you a lot more about hotspots actually… here we go!

To stay: The Hat, one of the nicest hostels I’ve ever been! Beautiful interior, clean rooms, large open spaces and a rooftop bar! I’d definitely recommend it when you’re travelling with friends! Breakfast: La Rollerie, a cosy breakfast spot in the centre of the city with local interior. We ordered ‘La Rollerie’ for 2, decent prices and a stylish breakfast. Lunch: Ojala, totally worth visiting for their ‘Taco’s el Dorado’. Another brunch/lunch spot is Federal Café, a promising menu and the plates look even better! Recommended are the morning hamburgers and the smoked salmon omelette.


Coffee: Mama Framboise, the first ‘boulangerie’ in Madrid. I spotted this coffee place earlier on Instagram so I really wanted to pay a visit to this magical place. They offer you the most beautiful (& delicious) pastries, cakes, biscuits, chocolates, coffees & teas! At night: Circolo de Bellas Artes, a rooftop bar! Perfect to end your night in style with a beautiful view over Madrid. There are a lot more pictures on my Instagram page so make sure to check it out if you want some more. Let me know if you visited one of these places, would love to get some responses!



Next up: New York City


The Hat, Calle Imperial 9

La Rollerie, Guzmán el Bueno 105

Ojala, Calle de San Andrés 1

Federal Café, Plaza de las Comendadoras 9

Mama Framboise, Calle de Fernando VI 23

Circolo de Bellas Artes, Calle de Alcalà 42

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