In December me and Thomas went to Paris for his birthday. I showed you my souvenirs in an earlier blogpost. Besides these awesome bags, a romantic trip, great hotel and good food, we had a special shopping experience. Place to be: Supreme store at 20 Rue Barbette.

Thomas wanted to check out the Supreme store so on Thursday we went to Rue Barbette and bumped into a queue. We could not join the row, we had to get a ticket first so we walked 2 blocks further to get a ticket and leave our names on a list. We had to return 3 hours later to get in. In the meantime we went to Trocadero for the best view over the Eiffel tower, and then we returned to get our ticket and join the waiting line. After 90 minutes it was our turn to enter the store!

We hoped to be able to buy a basic T-shirt or sweater with SUPREME logo. T-shirts were not available but I did buy this¬†sweater with zipper and small logo (oversized) to use as a jacket. I love a wide fit like this. They had other cool accessories like stickers, zippo’s, caps, bags… We just loved the whole experience to get into the store, it makes you WANT to get in. As there are only 11 stores in the whole world, we are happy we made it into one of them!


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