Just had the best birthday weekend EVER! On January 6th I turned 24 (oh god time goes fast). Friends and family are just what I need to make this an awesome day! Almost every year I celebrate┬ámy birthday by having dinner or breakfast or just by having a drink in Bruges. This year I wanted something different. I ordered 4 delicious cakes and invited my friends for birthday cake and coffee! Don’t they look awesome?

Thomas gave me the best surprise ever! When I woke up there were more than 50 postcards from friends and family. Loved it!! Much more personal than messages on my Facebook wall. When I opened all of them (good for 90 minutes pure entertainment) I had to search for random letters all over those postcards and those letters formed the coolest gift. On March 23 we will be having dinner at The Jane in Antwerp. We’re going to make it a little weekend trip. Really looking forward to it. Thanks to the best boyfriend ever!!!

And thanks to everyone for making this a very special day filled with love, fun, cake and instax pictures!



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