I finally made it to Nude, a new spot in Kortrijk that I wanted to check out sooner but couldn’t make it. So happy that I’ve found the time to have lunch here and I absolutely loved it! I came in and fell head over heels for their perfect pink interior… and then it turned out that the food was incredibly tasty. Tested and approved!

I was here with my sister-in-law, godchild and my mom. The perfect girlstrip to this pink location! We started with home made cocktails and nacho’s (my favourite!!). Their concept is to share everything here. So our lunch consisted of two meals: a delicious mix of eggplant with meat and a lovely salad with feta cheese, beans and pomegranate. Second dish to share was a lovely italian pasta. I absolutely loved everything!

A must-do when you go to Nude is to use the bathroom. A pink overdose that gave me a special calm feeling… I think I looked around for 5 minutes when I came in. I really loved it! This place is now officially on my top list of hotspots in Belgium so if you haven’t been here, I would really recommend you to do so! 

Nude Casinoplein 15 8500 Kortrijk

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