How many times have you been scrolling through Pinterest checking the coolest ways to storage your jewellery and make up products? I’ve been pinning a few years by now. Thanks to the prettiest storage solutions by MADE.COM I am now the owner of a Pinterest perfect beauty room! And I’m very proud and happy about it. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

When it comes to organizing stuff I am a number 1 freak! Maybe that’s why I’m so happy with this marble storage set. And you already knew I am a marble lover too so I believe this was made for me ;). No more need to collect rings, necklaces and bracelets all over the place, no more searching for that one ring in 50 little bags, no more lost make up brushes… I got it all figured out now!

Since I followed a make up lesson, I have more than 15 make up brushes and I keep on buying more. The amount of concealers, lipsticks and highlighters keeps getting bigger too so that is why I needed to get this stuff organized as soon as possible! Sincerely happy that I finally made it to this point.

What about you? What is your way of organizing this stuff? I would love to see some pictures or read some tips on how you deal with this. Or maybe you’re willing to create a beauty room yourself after reading this post, would be happy to hear all about it! Here are the direct shopping links to the marble items. You can find it through my ‘beauty stash’ shopping page too. See you soon!


Soap dish

Soap dispenser


Bathroom tray

Storage jar

Dressing table storage set

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