It couldn’t be more Valentine in my home than with this oh so pretty Grace Flowerbox! This is a lovely interior piece that I will give a special place. The dream is to have a dressing room in my future home and I can picture this Flowerbox right into it. These are real long-lasting infinity roses, which bloom for up to three years. I’m going to enjoy these flowers for a long time! Couldn’t be happier.

The coolest thing is you can choose every little detail yourself. It starts with the colour of the box. Pink, blue, mint, beige or black. Next thing you have to decide is the boxsize. There are six different sizes! To the boys reading this: the Bambi size is a real cute gift for your gf! And than the last and most difficult step is to choose your roses… The first box I had in mind – and would be typical me – was a black box with white roses but I decided to pick something different. Flowers give me a happy feeling so I figured pink roses would be a better option… So my final decision: a beige midi box with pink nectar roses!

What would your choice be? Make sure to follow @graceflowerbox on insta for the coolest inspiration pictures. If you want to order a box but you’re not sure which one, their instagram will make this choice a little easier.


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