Who’s doing Tournee Minerale in Belgium right now? An amazing concept to raise money for Cancer. The mission is simple: one month without alcohol! An easy one for some of us, a very hard mission for others… Definitely a wonderful initiative that raises a lot of money every year. Respect to all participants!

I may help you get through the month a little more easily. Meet Sodastream! This system makes water exciting. You can turn tap water into sparkling water with or without flavor! It is powered by a CO2 cilinder to create your own sparkling drinks. My favourite thing to do is make my own Sodastream recipes! Infused water is a big deal these days and as I am doing my best to stay healthy, Sodastream is the perfect help for my detox!

My favorite cocktail of all times is called Lazy Red Cheeks. A very sweet cocktail with raspberries. The key ingredient for this is violet syrup. So I added this one to give my detox drink a touch of my favorite cocktail! I also love to give my sparkling drink a cool look so that it looks delicious! For this one I used rose petals because who doesn’t love a touch of pink? Of course you can make this one with a flavor too! Your own choice.

  1. Fill the bottle with tap water
  2. Fizz it with your Sodastream
  3. Add 2cl violet syrup
  4. Add rose petals
  5. Enjoy your sparkling drink!

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