Having a good Instagram feed has become one of the most popular things lately. For those who wonder, an Instagram feed means the whole impression of all your pictures together. For example, this is mine…


My closet literally speaks black & white, so I went for a minimal, almost full B&W theme. As you can see, all my pictures match together. My fascination for a nice IG page started about three years ago. I got inspired by a lot of fashion bloggers and decided to clear my entire gallery and started trying to take more ‘artistic’ images. This has been quite a journey. I had no photography experience at all, I just tried to visualize the favorite items from my wardrobe in an original way.

I can’t give a lot of tips about how to make the perfect Instagram picture, everyone has his/her own interests, style and ideas (@songofstyle’s book is a good guide here!). What I can do is show you how I edit my Instagram pictures. A lot of you asked so here you go! What do you need? A decent camera (mine are all iPhone pictures) and VSCO cam, this is a free photo editing app.


Take your picture and make sure to give some attention to colors, proportions and shapes (left)


Go to VSCO cam and apply filter A5 (right)



Reduce saturation in VSCO cam (left)


Add more contrast in VSCO cam (right)



If you haven’t reached the result you wanted, you can still adapt some more until you reach the desired result. This is the original picture (left) vs the edited one (right).


VSCO cam is the best free app where you have many opportunities. Instagram added many similar functions btw, so you can edit here too. I still prefer to edit in other apps, although you can probably achieve the same results… There are two more apps that I often use.

Snapseed (for free) is very helpfull to add text (in a nice way and not just ugly fonts) and to edit details. For example whiten your picture or delete small details such as a door handle or a socket. Facetune is a paying app but this one comes in very handy when it comes to selfies or other pictures with people in it. I am absolutely not in favor of photoshopping myself (pictures of myself on Instagram are indeed very rare) but why not eliminate a small bump if we have the ability to do it? Anyway, it’s up to you!

I hope to inspire some of you with my tips… If there would be any questions, I’d be happy to answer them! Leave a reply or contact me via Instagram direct message. And make sure to let me know what your IG account is and I’ll check it out :).


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  1. Lilli Ewert
    13 November 2016 / 20:23

    Thanks for sharing, I use the same apps just a different filter. :) My insta is @lilliewert.

    • Lise
      13 November 2016 / 20:37

      Thank YOU for reading and following :). Your account is absolutely gorgeous!

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