Imagine… You finding a jewellery brand that makes you crave for everything! This happens a lot to me lately. My minimal style continues when we’re talking jewels, I like to keep things simple and monochrome. Silver always has my preference, I can’t declare why, but it seems I have no connection with golden details. Although experts say gold would suit me better, considering the color of my hair and eyes… I’m not feeling it.

Not sure if this brand needs an introduction, I’ve been a huge fan for a few years now (apparently my collection keeps growing). Imagin Jewels is my favorite brand when it comes to fine, minimal jewelry. They’re the best in combining many small designs, and that’s exactly why I keep buying pieces every time I’m staring at the online shop. I present you… my assemblage.

img_0126 img_0125

The interesting thing is, you can buy earrings apiece… Perfect if you have room for several pieces. I’m a huge fan of piercings too, but due to inflammation, I had to remove mine :(. You can see an ear cuff on the pillow, on the top left. This way at least it looks like I have one, thanks Imagin! All pieces exist in in gold, silver and rose gold. Go and check out their website and get inspired by their combos of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings…


img_0127 img_0124

Note: this post contains sponsored products, this does not affect my 100% honest opinion.

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