My birthday is already 3 months ago, but we celebrated it 3 weeks ago with a dinner in The Jane, 2** Michelin Restaurant by my favorite chef Sergio Herman. The Jane was on my wishlist for a while so this was the best birthday gift ever! I’ve been to Pure C in Cadzand 4 years ago for my dad’s birthday and I absolutely loved it! But I enjoyed The Jane even more because of its oh so pretty location (former chapel in Antwerp), the cool staff that served us perfectly all night long and of course because of the best company ;)! This was our menu…


Home made gin tonic with grapefruit

Jane’s Flavours

Mackerel, jalapeño, Pisco Sour


Vitello tonnato

White sausage, Doux de Cévennes, Jonagold, IPA

Wild oyster, kohlrabi, perilla leaf kimchi

Coquille, pumpkin, yuzu

Brill, North Sea crab, beach crab, dragon

Dove, parsley root, hazelnut, blueberry

Lozère lamb, wild garlic, polenta, Epoisses de Bourgogne Spring-pot-au-feu

Quince, Chiriboga Blue, olive

Alunga, rhubarb, rose

Apple, vanille, frangipane

A Subtle impact


If you love a good food experience and you’re not afraid to spend money on it – of course there’s a price tag attached to a diner by Sergio Herman – this is definitely one that I would recommend to all of you! It’s not possible to go to diner like this a few times a year, but I enjoyed every minute of it and would love to do it all over again! Thanks to the best boyfriend ever!!!!


PS: not the best pictures but I wanted to share them anyway!

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