A good pair of oversized sunglasses is a very good investment, let me tell you why! Of course, sunglasses are of extreme importance when it comes to maintaining good eye health. It protects the skin around your eyes against skin cancer. It covers your hangover if you have one. If not, no need to wear make up if you’re not into it. And last but no least; it gives your look a fashionable touch – ALWAYS. My personal favorite? Céline Tilda. I never had a pair of black sunglasses before this one. With my brown eyes and light brown hair color I just always figured brown suited me better. Until I met Tilda! A classy, square but feminin shape in a timeless black colour!

I’m convinced you need good sunnies during summer AND winter! I can’t live without it. I do have smaller sunglasses too, but I just love it when I can wear oversized sunglasses. Always a remarkable addition to your look. What’s your favorite pair of sunglasses? Curious to find out!


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