Aloha! Hope you’re doing fine!

For about 4 weeks now, I’m trying to become the kitchen princess I’d love to be. Conclusion: work in progress… No, seriously, my friends who are reading this will probably laugh, cause I’m the worst cook ever… Even though I had the best teacher at home, my mom. She is literally the best! The thing is, I’ve never shown much interest in cooking, which I now regret sometimes…

Anyway, I’m trying to do the very best and I can’t complain about the help I get mostly ;) thanks to the best bf! But let me introduce you to my other cooking friends from SMEG

Picking a brand for my kitchen appliances was not a difficult choice. I’ve been dreaming about these SMEG products since I was a little girl. What’s not to love about these vintage vibes from the 50’s? I’m over the moon with my little helpers in the kitchen. Maybe one day they’ll help me become a quite good cook, who knows? ;) only time will tell…

Now, let’s talk about the bar fridge… not only indispensable for space (our built-in fridge is just not big enough to store all our food AND drinks), but also one of our coolest interior pieces! Important detail: we’re that kind of couple that always wants to have all kind of cooled drinks ready for (un)expected guests! So that’s why this retro bar fridge fits in perfectly in our new home. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to miss it anymore!

Thanks for reading, see you soon!



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