Hi again! Here with another interior update!

I’m a huuuuuge marble fan! If I would renovate a house, I’m sure there would be a lot – maybe too much – marble involved. Maybe it’s a good cause we bought a house that was completely finished. All there was left to do was add the finishing touches and I couldn’t resist this marble showpiece from Furnified. Don’t mind the chiller in the back… #vivkethecat

Hope you guys love it! The fun part is you can choose the marble color (white – black – green) and color of the foot (black – gold)! We went for a white marble top and black foot. Another combination I absolutely adore is the green marble top and golden foot… Very cool but this would not fit into our interior so that’s why we went for the other combo!

By the way! When you’re at the seaside, there’s a place you need to visit… Furnified is part of The List,┬áthe biggest pop-up at Knokke and I can tell it’s veeeery cool! Also the perfect opportunity to see the Furnified furniture for yourself. It’s here until the end of September. Let’s go!


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