For those who wonder, I do have my morning rituals (as most people I guess). A quick shower, good breakfast and a fresh outfit are my essentials to start my day (and yes that last thing is a big challenge every day haha). Let me introduce you to the coolest collab, Komono x Happy Socks! A partnership in patterns.

This collab made it a little bit easier to pick out my outfits lately. Komono and Happy Socks combined their passion for creativity, design, craft & happiness for a study of color, shape and time. A happy harmony of sprinkled, dotted, dashed and bolted patterns which led to four amazing designs. My personal favorite? Winston black and white. Thanks to its lovely pattern & colors, easy to combine with anything (especially when your closet is full of black). Take a look at my Komono x Happy Socks morning rituals!

I’m instantly happy when I hear about collabs like this. Komono designs mixed with the joy of Happy Socks, what a match. Are you a more colorful person? In that case, you might like the Komono x Happy Socks POP watches. Check out the entire collection here.

Did you recognize some of your morning rituals in my pics? And most of all, do you love this collab as much as I do? Love,


Pictures by Lori Vandyck

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