Winter is coming which means knitwear, cosy winter nights and hot chocolates. I got to admit I’m a total winter person so I’m quite excited. I don’t know if it has something to do with my birthdate (the 6th of january) or not, but I just love to put on all of those cosy/comfy clothes – the more the better. It may be a little too early for knitwear, scarves and boots but I’m all over my sweaters already – and so is my closet! Are you?

In case you’re not in the mood yet… take a look at my latest purchase. Last week my rebel sweater came in. Black – like the biggest part of my closet – and so easy to wear. Colourful Rebel, born and raised in Amsterdam, is an online lifestyle magazine and webshop designed for the new generation: young & restless. Isn’t that just the perfect combo? Take a look and let me know your faves. Here’s mine!

PS: Be quick because there are a few things on sale!!

In October, CR is coming up with a new collection. I can’t say too much already but there will be more prints and more designs (and they even told me about underwear and bomber jackets!). I’m definitely excited for this new collection to be launched! Be sure to check their website or follow them on instagram to stay tuned!


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