This Valentine’s day (I know it’s late but who cares about V day anyway?) Diesel broke down all barriers in communication platform #MAKE LOVE NOT WALLS directed by David LaChapelle

#maklelovenotwalls is about tearing down the mental and physical walls that separate us, and let all sides come together in the name of unity and love. This happens in a crucial historical moment, where hate, walls and fear seem to prevail… Diesel succeeds in sharing this message by showing that a brighter and exciting tomorrow is possible!

I am a huge fan of this message they’re sharing at Diesel… Hate, jealousy, fear and walls are taking over our lives. As a 23 year old woman, I feel this everyday… I’m not always aware of it, life goes on… But campaigns like this make me think about the important things in life. What makes me incredibly happy is having a place called home and being together with the people I love.

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Jacket |  Diesel

Top |  Diesel

Jeans |  Diesel

Bag | Chanel

Belt | Gucci

Shoes | Quicke

Glasses | Paul and Joe Sister

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