When we moved in about four weeks ago I realized I’m now in charge of the tasks of a real housewife! I have to say most of this stuff is new to me, although I’m willing to try my very best to do this properly. Also, doing this in your own house, with your own stuff, seems to make it a lot easier and more fun! Sundays at home are now my favorite thing! And mostly the only day where I can find the time to do this. Washing and ironing are now on my to do list every weekend!

They say having a good iron and ironing table is half of the work. I totally agree! I am such a fan of my Brabantia ironing table (full white, love it) with solid steam unit holder. Perfect for quick and comfortable ironing. It’s ergonomic made, adjustable to 7 different heights. Besides it’s safe with a child lock and a transport lock to keep folded for storage. And the most fun part: it’s a fashionable, goodlooking ironing table! There are plenty of ironing table covers available here, so you can create a new look for your ironing table and keep it fun that way!

Details of my ironing table

Brand: Brabantia

Size: B

Cover: Morning Breeze

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