One year ago, I decided to do an IPL hair removal treatment. After a long search of the right place to do the treatment, I decided to go with Epilmed, the cheapest one in town (Bruges). Anne made me feel very welcome from the first moment and always a nice extra: the pretty location!

IPL aka Intense Pulsed Light (not the same as laser hair removal!) is a well known technology for various skin treatments including permanent hair removal. Although this term needs further explanation. Even with the best hair removal methods, you will never be completely hairless. Simply because this is scientifically impossible. But with an IPL treatment it is possible to reduce hair growth up to 75 %. This is most effectively in darker, coarser hairzones. And this is exactly what I experienced.

I did an IPL hair removal treatment for my armpits and lower legs. The most remarkable changes for me are the thickness and amount of hairs. There is no more dark appearance on my armpits like I used to have. And on both armpits and lower legs there are visibly fewer hairs and the hairs are thinner. Result: I have to shave less (every two weeks) and if I didn’t shave, all you see is fluffy blonde tiny hairs so there’s a big chance nobody notices those tiny hairs. Happy me! Totally ready for summer.


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