Time for a new moodboard! I’m leaving for Paris in 20 days, so excited! Always fun hanging around in this city. The annoying thing is that I always want to look fabulous when I’m in Paris, wherever I am…well that’s quite a mission. How to visit Paris in style? This is how we do! Not sure if I’m always gonna be wearing these kind of brands (probably not, simply because I don’t have enough money) but at least I can focus on this look right now! I do love to buy a timeless designer piece once in a while. I believe it’s a good investment because those are valuable pieces you have for the rest of your life. Have you seen the many articles in which they say a Chanel bag is a good investment? I did! And since I’m a working girl, I have to save money for something, right? I definitely know what I want! What about you? Make sure to keep an eye on my Snapchat (@lisedesmet) to follow my trip to Paris!


Schermafbeelding 2016-06-26 om 18.27.12


Miss Selfridge dress | Givenchy boots | YSL bag | Fleur du Mal bra | Tom Ford sunglasses | Maison Michel hat

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