After years of struggling with tweezers and eyebrow pencils I decided to go for a microblading. No more bad shaped, empty brows for the next 1,5 years. Sounds like a dream, right? Karen Sarasin from dermatopigmentatie in Ghent AKA the brow expert, took care of my eyebrows and in less than 3 hours it was all set and done! But what is microblading exactly? You’re about to find out…

Microblading is the coolest brow treatment of the moment! With a disposable sterile blade and hand tool, a superficial scratch is made just below the upper skin layer where they insert pigment. In this way they can draw very beautiful hairs in the skin, which are almost impossible to distinguish. The pigment stays in the skin for about 1,5 years. Karen is a real expert, she explains what’s happening step by step. This gave me a very relaxed feeling.

I have to say it was not a painless treatment. Despite the anesthetic ointment, you can still feel it when they make the little scratches in your skin. But when you see the final result after a few days you will see that it is totally worth it! When the pigment is gone in 18 months, I will definitely do it all over again. I would never go back to tweezers and brow pencils!

Karen works with different blade models so she can give you the eyebrow that you always wanted. Before the treatment there is an intake conversation so Karen can properly test what your wishes are (shaping, thickness, color…). Everything is discussed before she begins.

Microblading is the perfect treatment for people who have little or no own eyebrows, for people who want a natural result or people who have scars in their brows. But most of all, microblading is here for anyone who wants a more perfect, fuller, goodlooking brow every day.

Recovery? The first hours and first day after the treatment, your eyebrows are very sensitive and vulnerable so it is very important to take care of them. For the first 5 days you have to clean them with water and moisturize them with a balm you get from Karen (3x/day). You can go back for a touch up if necessary and then you’re all set to enjoy your brows for the next 18 months!

Price for a microblading by Karen: €300

Karen Sarasin

Dr. Van Canneyt clinic
Maaltebrugstraat 288
9000 Gent

+32 476 68 97 99



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    7 August 2017 / 17:25

    Wow echt super boeiende post en echt mooi gedaan!!!

    • 9 August 2017 / 12:21

      Thank you!

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