From now on, you can shop all items you spot on my Instagram page. Go to shopping >> my closet! I’ll add all direct links there. My wishlist keeps expanding every day, therefore I added… View Post

After years of struggling with tweezers and eyebrow pencils I decided to go for a microblading. No more bad shaped, empty brows for the next 1,5 years. Sounds like a dream, right? Karen Sarasin from dermatopigmentatie… View Post

Hello there! Hope you enjoyed the hot sunny days (to all Belgian people!). I did for sure but I still can’t wait until the summer months to enjoy my holiday. I’m going to Spain, a combination of… View Post

Disneyland Paris is celebrating its 25th birthday, the perfect occasion to visit my favorite theme park together with my fellow bloggers and an amazing photographer! We travelled by train (TGV) so we arrived in no time right in front… View Post

I just went to Milan with my mom for two days. The long weekend was a perfect getaway and we were very lucky with the weather. Two sunny days full of shopping, drinking cocktails outside… View Post

Hello again! Hope you’re all doing great :) I’m back to share my favorite hotspots from Milan last week. I was here only for two days of shopping with my mother. About four years ago… View Post